Masters' Thesis Project


This project centers around the use of indirect, or euphemistic, visual language and circumlocution, in combination with everyday personal objects. It investigates by using indirect visual language as a way of representing my personal history, and as a means for self-discovery.
The idea of my exhibition is a visualization of the essence of myself by using a metaphor of light on and light off. To be specific, the five different laser-cut patterns and the large format poster is a representation of unstructured, blurred and ambiguous thoughts and ideas in my head without using language. When the light is on, the object, paper crane strongly visible which represents externalization, and when the light is off, it represents internalization of myself.
The choice of the object, paper crane has a meaning behind it. It has the strongest personal narrative among many other objects in my publication and it is a symbolic object of longing.

■ Exhibited: University of Illinois at Chicago, US, 2017

More Concept Description

Visualization showing a different distorted step of the transition from internalization to externalization.