Seeing and Not Seeing


The typography was created with inspiration from a poetic work, Tender Buttons, by an American writer of the twentieth-century, Gertrude Stein, 1914. The title, Tender Buttons, conjures up unexpected feelings when juxtaposing two familiar words of displacement from its usual context. Based on the concept, dramatic diagonal lines portraying hard and solid feelings of ‘button’ and curvilinear lines representing the softness of ‘tender’ were combined into letter design. The three series of posters were inspired by optical illusion to represent the idea of inside and outside. They were created with exploration that impacts the process, tools and media have on a project’s graphic form that investigates ideas of the self, work, and light.

■ Exhibited: University of Illinois at Chicago, 2017
■ Speaking Engagement: The 2017 Society of Typographic Arts Design Weekend

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Typeface Form and Metaphor

Project Process Book consists of the process of typeface design and three series of posters.
Photography Concept: Duality and metaphor of double meaning

Manufacturing Process
Physical Model Material: hardboard Chpbrd 22x28 .1 30ply

Projecting typeface that I created on top of the physical model

Capturing the flow of typesetting on top of the model

Three series of posters: Vectorized drawing